Madawaska Snowmobile Club

The Madawaska Snowmobile Club takes pride in its trails for your winter recreation enjoyment. These trails do not get done by themselves and take a lot of time and dedication from our volunteers. Please become a member of our club today and help support these trails for all to enjoy. 

In order to enjoy them, please respect landowners and the permission they grant local clubs for public access yearly.

Madawaska area has 52 miles of the best maintained trails, no mater the weather conditions. Our club prides itself on how wide our trails are.

2021-2022 Club Officers

Mark Guerrette – President
Corey Morin – Vice President
Jean Ouellette – Secretary
Mike Michaud – Treasurer
Rick Pelletier – Trailmaster
Denise Duperre – Membership Director

2021-2022 Club Directors

Mike Guerrette, Ken Theriault, Gerald St. Jarre, Bob Dugal, Rick Pelletier, Glen Daigle, Dean Hebert, Peter Cyr

Fournier Road
St. David, ME 04773